Announcement for Metaverse NFT Giveaway : Blockchain Land

Welcome to the new virtual world. Here we are announcing the exclusive NFT Airdrop for our Metaverse community.

$120000 Worth of NFT

As people in our Metaverse community are eligible to claim exclusive NFTs and join our community. Airdrop winners will be rewarded by 24 unique NFT cubes, each of them individually has 100 in quantity So there is the total giveaway of 2400 NFT of $120000. These cube holders are equally eligible to sell their NFT cubes in our huge marketplace. Blockchain Land will also give them the opportunity to buy virtual land in Metaverse. You can buy your own land in this unique universe and also can build your own world there with your rewarded cubes.

Steps to Participate into the Airdrop :

  • Twitter Follow
  • Retweet A Tweet
  • Instagram Follow
  • Telegram Join Channel
  • Leave A Clap On A Medium Article
  • Visit A Page
  • YouTube Visit Channel
  • Binance Smart Chain address
  • Discord Join Server

Lucky Winners will get -

🏆 First 5 lucky winners will get 24 unique cubes

🏆 Next 50 winners will receive 12 cubes

🏆 Next 50 winners will receive 6 cubes

🏆 Remaining participates can also win 2 cubes each

Participate Now into the Exclusive Airdrop .

Be part of this virtual universe, Get to know more about us :

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Telegram


Team blockchain Land




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Blockchain Land

Blockchain Land

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